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Our story

Hudson River Apiary Society is an environmental action group that was setup in 2015 in Hudson County, NJ by Antonio Quinlan. Antonio comes from a long family tradition of beekeepers. He is the third generation that has been practicing this craft. His grandfather was a master beekeeper, his father followed that path and so did Antonio. Antonio started his beekeeping journey because of the severe seasonal allergies.


He learnt that honey produced in the area of living can help to offset them and to gain natural immunity that in turn can build up the resistance to allergies. It did work for Antonio and brought a relief to his symptoms.


He has focused his attention on beekeeping in the urban setting as he lives in the NY Metropolitan area where housing is very congested. Antonio’s beekeeping in his backyard sparked a lot of interest and questions amongst the neighbors and community. He decided to start doing the classes to spread his knowledge and experience. At the same time, he continued to explore his passion and learn more about bees.


Not long after that, he started losing his bee colonies and very quickly found out about all the problems that they are facing, and how endangered their lives are all over the world. Antonio came up with the concept to develop a strategic business plan focused on nonprofit education with the mission to save the bees. This idea served the basis of what later was formed as Hudson River Apiary Society.

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