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Antonio Quinlan

Executive Director,

Hudson River Apiary Society

Antonio is a Manhattan born native, raised in North Hudson County, NJ. He is a military veteran with a degree in Organizational Leadership from Fordham University. For over 40 years he has been interacting with the public and government. His career experience spans from urban and rural real estate management, through customer service and corporate training at the United Airlines, to education and criminal justice training. This unique combination of perspectives provides Antonio with a broad view on the community needs and promotion of diverse initiatives.


As a teenager Antonio was already involved in agricultural field. His grandfather and father passed on to him the passion and knowledge of beekeeping. Antonio setup his first apiary in his backyard in North Bergen. As his urban beekeeping practice started gaining an interest within the neighborhood, he decided to focus his time on educating the community about bees and honey.


In 2015 he founded Hudson River Apiary Society through which he is expanding his interest and passion for teaching the public about the importance and preservation of bees, beekeeping and business skills.

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