Hudson River Apiary Society

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Guidance on Bees and Beekeeping

Hudson River Apiary Society of the metro NYC area performs outreach in the community, and assist schools, organizations and urban beekeepers/private citizens in setting up apiaries. We also offer education on how to monitor honey bees, extract honey, apitherapy, and related products.

We also focus on teaching children about bees, their importance, and how to work with them and possibly make a business out of it.

Our Program Includes the Following Elements:

  • Apiary management 
  • Apiary setup within local community and educational institutions
  • seeking partners for Apitherapy development
  • Public and corporate Ecofair awareness workshops 
  • Honeybee product development 
  • Nutraceutical partnership development focusing on healthy nutritional benefits of honey
  • Apiary program setup and vocational training for disadvantaged citizens
  • Honey bee keeping workshops in private, corporate and public forums

  • Consultation and set up of educational honey bee clubs, school apiaries and related science curriculum 
  • Creating customized programs in schools on honeybee product development focusing on interdepartmental cooperation between educational disciplines
  • Urban beekeeping consultation
  • Vocational training for all interested in honeybees focused on disadvantaged individuals

Photography by Art Schwartz